Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Problem....

Regarding Jindal's speech last night, I am seeing a fair amount of negative comments on the delivery. While the delivery was atrocious - really atrocious - I think this misses the more important problem.

Admittedly I was also struggling to get past the "Kenneth the Page" thing, but what really struck me was the poor substance of the speech. To my ear, it sounded like a complete rehash of the Republican talking points we have been hearing since Reagan. It might be true that Jindal is a smart, honest guy and that he really believes excessive government is the problem, but Republicans just don't have any credibility with this argument right now.

Unfortunately for Jindal (and the country), Republicans used that same argument for decades while the intrusiveness of our government and the country's deficits continued to grow at unprecedented rates. His party used the same arguments while they happily used the government to transfer obscene amounts of public wealth to a small sliver of the population and completely trash our economy.

Simply put, his party has been the one controlling our government for a long, long time. The problem isn't government, it's Republican government - and everyone