Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hate? You bet!

I have never before been filled with so much hate; thanks to the thugs in control in Madison. These people have systematically disregarded the rights of citizens all over the state. Not only the social workers, nurses, teachers, public works employees, being stripped of their civil rights, but ALL the citizens who are yet too ignorant to realize how their state is racing toward the bottom, soon to be in competition for the last place honor with Mississippi.

There WILL BE retribution! What goes around comes around. When these sleazebags fall from power, which they most surely will, there will follow a massive movement to restore and recover from the damage they are inflicting on us now. Clearly, these republicans have no conscience and are somehow able to go home and face their families and communities and pretend they are “saving the state”. Are they truly that totally stupid? I’m afraid the answer is apparent.

I say its time to strike back. We need to identify the supporters of these criminals here in our communities and boycott them. I believe its safe to say that a good many so-called ‘small businessmen’ are supporters of this ilk. Let’s not be so foolish as to continue to support them with our business, and tolerance.

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