Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The newest threat?

As I grew up in the 50’s it was the communist threat that we were warned about.  That was continued as the 60’s saw this country embroiled in another war we chose to enter to “deter the domino effect of the communist movement”.  Again, history has shown the folly of that decision.  For the next two decades we were told the ‘cold war’ demanded our obscene investment in the same military/industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower had warned us about as he left office.  Fear of the communist threat was again the rational for enriching the elite corporations that have now grown to control our government.  (So who was the REAL threat?)

It’s probably not necessary to elaborate further on the many lies and deceptions that justified our entry into a war in the middle east that continues to roll on, now as the longest war we ever engaged in; once again, enriching the very people and corporations who lied to us about the need for the war in the first place!  how is it that the citizenry continues to accept this ongoing propaganda campaign when there are ACTUAL threats present within our borders now!  And I’m not talking about some Islamophobic plot.

Right here in Wisconsin we currently have a REAL and ACTUAL threat bearing down on the freedoms of the middle class; and somehow the perpetrators of this threat have managed to convince large numbers of people, using tea party tactics, to carry water for the oligarchy and its attempts to seize even more control!  Governor Scott Walker, in his short two months in office has done more to create and fuel social discontent than any of his predecessors in the past 150+ years.  He is demonstrably a mere pawn in the hands of the moneyed elites (read Koch brothers, Rupert Murdock, et. al.) to destroy our government from the inside….  The same crime the poorly organized communist movement in this country was accused of for so many years.

So where’s the outcry!

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